We Are Your Staffing Agency

We have been providing waitstaff services for many years. We are primarily active in Houston and the surrounding areas, and specialize in waitstaff, bartending and event planning.

We are an excellent resource for anyone looking for services that are not advertised on the open market, and are an ideal solution for your individual needs.


We know that service is the key factor that transforms the average event into a successful affair.  That is why every member of our highly regarded staff was carefully chosen in order to satisfy the most discriminating guest.


Whether it's a simple appetizer party or a five-star formal dinner, our waitstaff are familiar with every aspect of the job and will provide best services for you and your guests. 

Job Seekers

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We are the best point of contact for anyone looking for waitstaff, bartending or event planning services. With us, you will find reliable personnel.


Our Clients

Our clients range from privately owned residences to professionally serviced catering and event planners.  They rely on the quality of our staffing services and can trust the professionalism we provide in this industry. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and would like to also thank all of our staff who have made this success possible.

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